Mallorca blooms in April

A scooter. That’s what you need in Mallorca. Yes, there are beaches. There’s drinking. There’s a wild nightlife. It’s all here. But, come on… the boy is 12 and I’m 40 something. Neither of us are indulging in that side of Mallorca. So… back to the scooter.

We rented one and wound our way through the mountains to Esporles, then Banyalbufar and finally Estellencs. That’s where this picture was taken and there are flowers everywhere. The contrast of nature with the old buildings was fantastic. I’d say magical, but then you’d all laugh. It was a really great way to spend the afternoon.

But… dress warm.

We were impulsive and I was in short sleeves. He was bundled, no idea why, so at least half the crew was ok. I was freezing half the way up the winding mountain roads, but toughed it out. You know, that’s the price you pay for enjoying a really spontaneous adventure. Not always fun during… but a really great memory.

And halfway there the sun came out, so it was glorious. The drive is a lot like Highway 1 in California. Mountains to your left. A giant plunge into the ocean on your right. Really glad I got my motorcycle license and am used to riding a much larger bike. Made the scooter feel like a lawnmower. But a fun lawnmower.

That’s it for now. More adventures soon. Headed to Costa Brava next.

Sasha and Jeff

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